Mobile Paint

Mobile Paint (S60 5th) 1.2

Turn your screen into a canvas


  • Precise line control
  • Very simple to use


  • Limited toolbox


Mobile Paint allows you to unleash your creative tendencies on your phone. The free app turns your touchscreen into a canvas, allowing you to draw anything you like straight onto the display.

It's very easy to pick up Mobile Paint and start using it. It contains a simple, Photoshop-style toolbox, offering a range of drawing tools. There's a pencil, a line tool, and circle and rectangular shape tools. A color palette allows you to change the color of the lines from a choice of 16 shades. You can also select the width of the lines from a choice of three settings.

Drawing with Mobile Paint is as simple as running your finger, or stylus, across the screen. Obviously, working with a stylus is the most precise way of sketching, but if your phone model doesn't come with one, finger control is still fairly easy to work with.

The downside of Mobile Paint is that the program is very limited, and it takes a lot of work to get beyond anything other than the most rudimentary drawings. The lack of important tools such as Fill, Erase and Move makes Mobile Paint very restrictive, and it gets a bit frustrating after a while. Of course, there are ways around this. There's an Undo tool that removes the last action, you can paint over lines in white to replicate the eraser, and it's possible to fill in colors on the largest stroke setting. These are all long-winded solutions though, and ultimately Mobile Paint is in dire need of more tools.

If you love to doodle then Mobile Paint is a fun way to express yourself on your phone. Just don't expect to create any masterpieces.

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Mobile Paint


Mobile Paint (S60 5th) 1.2

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